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How to be "activated" as an architect on Archsplace?

The creation of an architect profile on Archsplace is taken very (very) seriously by our teams. We offer the opportunity to get clients online, without having to pay anything. But, this free service comes at a price: Quality. The process of activating an architect goes through several stages and as response to numerous requests; here is an explanatory article that give you an idea of what it takes to be approved on Archsplace.

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1. Profile creation

In order to be visible to potential Archsplace clients, it is necessary to complete the profile creation steps. One of the most frequent problems is starting out with creating a wrong user account type (client account). If you're in doubt, you can use this direct link for registering the correct account type:

Create account

Once your account is created, you need to create the 3 main categories of your profile:

  • Information
  • Portfolio
  • Services


There are several important fields to fill in, such as your professional name which will appear on your profile, which will also establish the unique link that will be assigned to your profile on all Archsplace domains.

One of the most important details is the category field, such as: architecture, landscaping, etc. Many architects and designers tend to choose all categories, despite having no corresponding projects in their portfolio. We cannot activate the profile if it does not have at least one project in each previously selected category.

The last part of the profile information is the the description/biography of the professional or agency. Write this text carefully, we do check and read all the profiles individually one by one. Sometimes we even cross check certain facts that are stated. It is representative of your brand as a professional and therefore represents you towards your potential clients.


This is where it starts to falter. Some of you have already spent quite some time writing a great biography and when asked to create projects for the portfolio, fatigue takes over...

However, it is specified that you need at least 6 projects for your profile to be activated (yes we know it can seem like a lot…). But we don't compromise on quality at Archsplace!

Alternatively, if you want to take a break and resume creating your profile later, no problem, we generally review profiles once or twice per day.


In general on this point there seem to be less problems. Those who came out alive from the portfolio phase are doing very well, and most often create well defined services. It is good to have several services created, but just one is necessary to fulfill the conditions.

Finally, once all the steps are completed, you have finished your profile and receive an email informing you of its review by our teams. In the next section of this article, we talk about the criteria used to assess the profiles for activation.

2. Selection criteria and quality

First of all, you should know that we do not want to have students on our platform. Indeed, we want architects and designers who are already trained and have experience. Many students have registered and do not understand why their profile is not activated, even if sometimes some of them have largely the required technical and visual presentation skills.

Now, imagine that most customers spend a few seconds on your profile. In this period of time they will get an idea of ​​you and of the interest of your services or not. Our user experience feedback has shown that the profiles presenting the most beautiful images are the most successful with clients. This sometimes seems unfair to architects who do not necessarily have good 3D presentation skills.

The good news is that those who review your profile are also architects, so you can be sure that they will see all the details of your projects with an expert eye. Architecture makes the difference and is not necessarily only the level of the visual presentation that counts.

Honestly, the best is to have images of your built projects, but these are not necessarily given to all architects, mainly those who are starting out in the profession and we are understanding about it. But as a minimum, when you post a project in your portfolio, take into account its integration (realistic environment), the quality of the materials used, the legitimacy of their use (the carpet on the external facade is not a good idea…) and the quality of your architecture/interior design (a copy/pasted 3D model of a bed, chair or other library objects is not architecture…)

Now (last subject is promised!) we would also like to clarify that 3D artists who do not wish to work as architects / designers on the platform but just sell their 3D skills to other colleagues, are not not exactly in the right place. We are in the process of setting up a type of profile specializing in this type of service, so those will have to be a little more patient.

Here you know what to expect for the quality and selection criteria on Archsplace. The quota of architects that we "activate" is 1/10, which means that many of you may be disappointed by our decisions. But this is not the end of the story, if we see potential in your work and persistence despite not being activated. We are in the process of implementing a new type of category for architects who are not still "activated", to allow them in some way to participate on Archsplace.

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